Thursday, October 13, 2011

Song of Tachi and Samurai

I've been thinking some more about running a skirmish based on Riders of the Black Temple from Swords of the Daimyo using the Song of Blades and Heroes rules, which are very short and straightforward. The set-up will follow directly from where an old PbP of mine left it - the evil sohei have ridden into town and the heroes are about to attack from hiding. The heroes are outnumbered over 2 to 1 (if you count their dog) and the sohei are all mounted. It will be interesting as a battle, and I will perhaps write some special rules into the scenario for time limit or somesuch. The heroes also have some villagers on their team but they may not be much use. The points for each side are really crazy for SOBH (where a typical warband is 300 points to begin with) at nearly 400 for the heroes and nearly 900 for the baddies... Interesting times!


  1. Sounds cool. I am unfamiliar with the rules set, but I have to tell you that this is the point at which my players were TPKed last year when I ran them through this module. This year I have been trying to make it more explicit that Hirelings are available, which is not readily apparent in the OA book.

  2. Oh wow, I didn't realize that you PbPed! It all sounded so table-top.

    Where do you host the game?

  3. I was running and playing in some games at, but I'm taking a break due to the recent birth of my son and looking for a job. I'll maybe do a post about PbPs. Rev Rosey has done a few.