Saturday, October 22, 2011

Inspirational Art

Heck, yes, it's even lazier than yesterday's post... but I always like those posts that have a bunch of pictures that people like. So here are some fantasy illustrations that I think are cool.


  1. Elf by Erol Otus -1980/81

    The Scarlet Empress from Exalted (don't know the artist)

    Dark Elves by Tony Ackland from Warhammer Fantasy Battle 1st Ed (I think, could be 2nd)

    Skull Lord by artist whose name I can never remember from D&D 3e

    Hapless adventurers facing off against Zargon in the Lost City by Jim Holloway (I don't think it's been published anywhere)

    Psion from Psionics Handbook (D&D 3E) by Sam Wood

  2. Those are awesome! Love Zargon especially.

    Wasn't that the D&D module with the weird mushroom farmers living in the pyramid? It's been so long since I've played some of these old modules, I tend to get them all mixed up.

  3. It was B4 The Lost City, which does indeed have a subterranean race of albino humans who live in a pyramid and worship the hideous Zargon.