Sunday, October 09, 2011

Miniatures for Oriental Adventuring

Hasslefree's range of Martial Artists

Otherworld's Hobgoblins

Perry Miniatures Historical Range - they also have a wonderful Korean range

The Assault Group Medieval Asia Range

Kingsford Miniatures

Grenadier (now available from a variety of suppliers) have Samurai Orcs (!), and steppe riders

Reaper have so many miniatures that the best thing to do is use their search function: terms like "ninja", "samurai", "oriental" etc turn up good stuff, including the funky new Pathfinder mini of Ameiko - perfect for a wandering minstrel.


  1. Thanks for seeking out the Oriental Adventures miniatures. Looks like Reaper will be my prime source, other than Clan War stuff on EBay, just because shipping from Britain is a killer. Too bad Grenadier is out of business, but I may well actually have everything they made for OA anyway, it's tough to tell with out being able to see a collection somewhere.