Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dusting off the cobwebs *koff koff*

Yeah... long time, no blog. I honestly have an excuse! I'm on a university course as well as a work placement connected to same, and the workload for this has meant that other writing has fallen by the wayside, even the meager amount that I normally muster for this blog. Hobby-wise, I'm wading into 40K; I have a copy of Dark Vengeance on reserve (the Chaos minis are the best that the Eye of Terror has seen for 20 years or so, the Dark Angels... hmmm...), 700 points of Dark Eldar are in various stages of construction/painting and I have loads of cardboard and Pringles tubes for terrain making (I have the classic GW book- gawd bless ebay!)

Razorwing - first 'unit' of the evil space elves finished.

In terms of RPGs, I haven't really done very much, having dropped the PbP I was running rather unceremoniously (sorry guys), and I haven't done anything in RL. I'd love to do some Flailsnails but I just don't have the time - I don't really know how people with kids are able to do it! Kyrinn of URUTSK fame has graciously involved me in a PbP in her unique and intriguing world, and that's been a fun experience. Let's see what 2013 brings...