Monday, October 17, 2011

Miniatures for Oriental Adventuring 2

Ming Chinese from Cavalcade
I've been doing some more research into manufacturers as well as looking up US distributors, as so many of the mini companies making the stand-out collections are small companies based in the UK.

Hasslefree Miniatures - Scroll down for US distributors list

West Wind Productions - - their box sets look pretty good value but I haven't seen a US distributor yet, although they do ship to you colonials

Museum Miniatures (another UK company) -  make a fun little range of 28mm samurai and ashigaru, including a taiko drummer and a lord with war fan - again they ship to the US

Cavalcade Wargames - a Seattle based company with several great ranges including samurai goblins, samurai Minotaurs, samurai dwarves, Ming Chinese, Wako, and Kingsford Miniatures' range


  1. Thanks again! I appreciate the effort you are putting in to finding me excellent miniatures for my OA campaign, although going into the kid's birthday/holiday/tax season means that my discretionary hobby funds are getting somewhat curtailed until Springtime.

    For what it's worth, my family would still be British if you all hadn't kicked us out for being non-English speaking rabble-rousers; although you had the good sense to wait until we beat Napoleon first.

    All things considered, the way it is in the US right now there are days I wish we were British; our education system has gone to hell and no one can find a job, but we live in interesting times now, so I guess we'll see what's around the next corner for the USA, eh?

  2. I don't know if you spotted these guys yet-

    I also found this-

  3. Have you seen the Tales of the Dragon King line. It is more wushu/fantasy Chinese, but depending on the game you're doing, it could be useful. It comes from Black Hat Miniatures in England ( and Scale Creep does US distribution ( There's some great stuff there I haven't seen in other lines.

  4. I found these guys too-

    They are making the Clan War line again, they also have an EBay store.