Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Petty Gods - Arise!

Gorgonmilk has revitalised Petty Gods but the project still needs the majority of the original authors on board . Unlikely as it may be, if you are one of those, please head on over and help this fantastic community book to be realised. Mespilus, chimp god of medlars will be there in his grouchy glory. Will your petty gods make themselves known?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Miniatures for Oriental Adventuring 5

Essex Miniatures - a little long in the tooth, the dumpy 25mm may lead to them looking unintentionally comical. Perhaps they could be a secretive halfling ninja clan?

Foundry have re-released some real classics by Aly Morrison, which some of you may recognise from back in the day.

Privateer Press have the Skorne who could perhaps be some form of oni or bakemono.

As an aside, this should probably be No. 4 in the series of OA mini posts. I seem to have mislaid No. 2...