Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Back to life, back to reality

What a week. Entire heating and hot water system replaced; going back and forth to Mother in law's house to see wife and son (the amour of dust in our building site of a house is not a good idea for baby), sleep problems, accountancy class continues to make me feel a bit dim. But I am enjoying working on the RPG stuff and having a goal in blogging everyday. Coming up:

Kensei (with the correct spelling ;) although that now makes me think I should correct shukenja to shugenja, but anyway...)
1st Level Spells
Air School
Nature School
Riders of the Black Temple skirmish war-game
Thoughts on how much I like True20
US distributers of UK minis
Playtesting Labyrinth Lord conversions
Etc etc


  1. Yeah, you probably should correct Shukenja to Shugenja, even in Bushido (FGU 1981) they got that right, TSR just dropped the ball with the OA book. Kensei irked me more because they didn't even spell it consistently through the book, most of the time it's spelled Kensai, sometimes it's Kensei.

  2. I have an odd affection for the 'k' version, funny how the sound of words can have that effect. I really want to get a copy of Bushido - I saw one on sale in a games shop years ago. Still kicking myself over that.

  3. I got mine on EBay earlier this year or maybe it was late last year. I had always wanted it when I saw the ads for it in the Dragon, I have only flipped through it a bit, since now it seems more a piece of gaming history or an artifact than a game I'd play and damage from it's pristine state, which now that I think about it is an odd attitude coming from me because I am not a hoarder of collections. I always liked the sound of it better with a K too, probably it's just something about being English speakers that makes that more harmonious to us. For what it's worth I think "Kensai" sounds cooler too, it just happens to be wrong.

  4. Not just me then :D but I agree that if I change one I should change the other. I got Stormbringer 3e on eBay and realised I would never play it. Back on eBay it went...

  5. I figure I can justify all of the Asian RPGs I have bought over the years based on the fact that, even if I never play them, I can at least mine them for ideas for my own Oriental Adventures campaigns. Sometimes just having more building floor plans to look at is nice.

  6. Absolutely! I agree entirely - I'll have to look at how many Asian RPG books and pdfs I have...