Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Apologies for the lack of updates, it's been a busy time here with Christmas prep, Accountancy exam, temp job and volunteering at the theatre.

RPG-wise, I'm putting together a G+ game of Chaosium's "Elric!"

Blood and souls and all that.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Progress Report

Gosh, that's a boring title. Anyway, I'm in the middle of creating experience tables for the Kitsune & Kensei classes - they're going to be scaled down somewhat from the ludicrously high amounts needed in the OA book. I need to flesh out the ninja and barbarian class descriptions with... descriptions.

Oh yeah, and write up the cat-people and tortoise-people. Screw all this humans-only rubbish going around the blogosphere. Dangerous Brian has done awesome stuff on the Spirit Folk and Korobokuru and I may have to steal some of it, if he doesn't mind.

I'm writing up lists of monsters from the following sources:

Oriental Adventures 1E
Kara Tur Monstrous Compendium (2E)
Oriental Adventures 3E
Asian Bestiary vol 1 and 2 (HERO system)
RuneQuest Land of Ninja
RuneQuest Land of the Samurai

Quite a lot to be getting on with!

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Barbarian - Kitsune & Kensei

The barbarian has always been such a weirdo. Unearthed Arcana was his debut, followed by a reinterpretation in OA. 3rd Ed gave him the power to freak out and rage. 4E has him as berserker who channels primal spirits. All very cool, but I wanted to tone the OA barbarian down a bit, hence he loses his "I can smell magic and illusions" powers.


Requirements: Str 15, Dex 14, Con 15
Prime Requisite: None
Hit Dice: 1d10

Barbarians are warriors from outside what is generally regarded as “civilisation”, living in environments others consider inhospitable. The barbarian is hardened by his life in the wilds, and has the instincts of a predator. Each is a dangerous combatant, especially so in his native terrain.

Each barbarian must choose a terrain, from which he (and his clan) originate:

Weapons: Club, Dagger, Hand Axe, Lance, Shortbow, Sling, Spear, Sword, short, Sword, long
Armour: Up to Chain

Weapons: Blowgun, Club, Dagger, Dart, Hand Axe, Shortbow, Spear,  Sword, short
Armour: Up to Studded Leather

Northern Forest
Weapons: Dagger, Club, Hand Axe, Javelin, Spear, Shortbow, Sling, Sword, short
Armour: Up to Chain

Barbarians are surprised only on 1 on 1d6; they may surprise others on 1-3 on 1d6.

Barbarians are able to track creatures in wilderness and underground environments. The base chance is 90% when in the wilderness, with +2% for every creature more than one in a party to be tracked. There is a cumulative penalty of -25% for every hour of rain, or -10% for every day that has passed since tracks were made. In underground environments, barbarians must watch a creature to be tracked for 3 turns prior to tracking it, to observe its manner. The base chance in this case is 65% when underground, modified in the following manner:
  1. -40% if the creature enters a secret door
  2. -20% if the creature enters a concealed door or passage
  3. -10% if the creature enters a normal door or otherwise takes a deviation from a path
  4. No adjustment if the creature continues on a path without much deviation
Climb in Natural surroundings – chance reduced outside native terrain

Hear Noise: Barbarians can attempt to listen for noises, in a cave or hallway, and at a door or other locations but the barbarian must be quiet and in a quiet environment. Unlike the other thief abilities, this ability is rolled using 1d6.

Hide in Natural surroundings - chance reduced outside native terrain

Back Protection - detect attacks from behind

Leadership - improved Charisma with his own people

Call Horde - Get all Genghis Khan on yo' ass


Cannot have demihuman, wu jen or magic-user henchmen;
Hirelings level restriction - can't have hirelings before a certain level - 4th perhaps