Saturday, November 12, 2011

Reversion Recursion

Zeb, you mad genius. What have you wrought? On re-examination of the xp tables for the various classes, I find I like them much more than my prior suggestions of "samurai use the paladin table". The dynamics of how the different classes progress is interesting and a subtle part of how he game works. Ninja, as an example need an incredible amount of xp to progress (more than twice as much as some classes). I think in that one case I may re-examine the xp cost. Likewise the bushi has a weird progression whereby they progress faster than fighters until 8th level but then slow down greatly until they fall a level behind. Odd. Not sure what to do with that one given the bushi "freak out" power. Something to ponder. So, sorry for lack of updates, but I have been reading and thinking lots!


  1. Bushi get the best end game in OA, they essentially get to become Daimyo. Samurai only get to move up higher in service to their Daimyo. Kensei get to start a school, more or less. Sohei can found a branch monastery at which they are only the military commander. Shugenja get nothing. A Monk can either choose to live permanently at his monastery or build a subsidiary monastery. Ninja get nothing. Barbarians get the absolutely horrifying ability to call a horde, but not until 11th level and they get no other followers and it takes a while to assemble and it doesn't last real long and if their horde fails in it's objective they can NEVER call another one. Wu Jen come close, because they get followers and can establish a stronghold at level 10, but they have to hire a lieutenant to run the military show for them. Yakuza never get followers or a stronghold, but can once per level call their brethren for aid starting at 2nd level. So maybe the Bushi is being "balanced" for getting the best social advantage as a reward at the end game. No matter what their social status was before they get bumped up to the "lowest level for a Samurai status" when they build their stronghold and become a warlord.

  2. Excellent point. Thank you, sir. :) That makes a great deal of sense.