Thursday, November 24, 2011

Miniatures for Oriental Adventuring 4

Here we go again with more minis for your delectation!

First up, Dixon Miniatures:

The latter pic is wonderfully titled "Dai Oni in savage mood brandishing mallets". They have an enormous range of figures, both military and civilian, as well as fantasy. The only con is that they are quite squat and stocky compared to more "modern" ranges. Otherwise, this is a real treasure trove of variety.

Samurai Catalogue

Now The Assault Group:

Another large range, with a great mix of nationalities (including different Chinese dynasties - perhaps a way for you Kara Tur fans to distinguish Shou Lung and T'u Lung?). TAG have free worldwide postage as well, I think.

Medieval Asia range


  1. Keep em coming, Christmas is on the way after all. The only real downer for me is that I now have a female Mongol warrior type in the party and that's going to be a difficult miniature to find. That and any Hengeyokai, apparently us OA fans are going to have to star our own miniature company if we want really OA specific stuff.

  2. If you go to Reaper Miniatures site and search "Mongol", you will be pleasantly surprised.

  3. Hey mate. Check out
    Guy just did an OSRIC interpretation of the Korobokuru.

  4. And jolly fine it is too. I am aware of Brian's parallel scheme. I've already earmarked some nick-able stuff :D

  5. Did someone mention my name? :) Hi Colin.
    Great article Fabian. Tracking down decent OA miniatures is a bit of a nightmare. Plenty of companies still seem to do them, but some still don't provide pictures on their site. Only order codes. Seeing miniatures in the lead like this is very handy.