Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Artist Focus - Terry Dykstra

Watch it, Frodo...
Get out of my shared imaginative space, get into my chariot

A proud banner-waver of the facial hair tradition of D&D.

Now, Dykstra seems to get a fair bit of stick from some people online. I must confess that I don't like some of his work, but I can say that about luminaries like Brom and DiTerlizzi as well.

Terry Dykstra's art provided my first exposure to the D&D game. The elf opposite manages to be beautiful and bad-ass (even if she is the super-short D&D elf). The halfling conveys that although he's not a fat hobbit, he's still not the greatest warrior.

Dykstra (or the art director for the Rules Cyclopedia) is to be applauded for the racial variety therein. That and super-hot thief chicks.

It ain't D&D without face fungus

Yes, your player is 14 years old

Now, the more po-faced grognards despise this picture, and yet I see laments day after day for more humour in the D&D game "like the old days". Seems you can't win. Well, anyway, it made me chuckle.


  1. I've always really liked Terry's work. I just don't understand the bad reception his art gets either.

  2. When I was 11 that lady thief made me think thoughts...

    Honestly, still does!

    However, I was completely unaware that Terry Dykstra's art is generally panned. I don't think I've actually heard anyone else say anything about it before.

  3. Dykstra is cool. I'm surprised he's not mentioned more when people talk about line art from older editions.