Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ninja - Kitsune & Kensei

Here she is, that most maligned of Asian archetypes/stereotypes, the ninja. She mixes bits of thief and assassin with acrobat, and was incredibly powerful, by Zeb's own admission, in the original OA. I've cut some abilities, as I still want thieves and assassins to be viable 'ninja'. The ninja character class represents one who has taken a mystical approach to the art of stealth.

At the moment I only have notes, so I will present these rather than a full write-up like the other classes (especially as I am working on compiling them).


Reqs: 14 Dex, 15 Int, 14 Cha

1d4 hp
No Prime Requisite
Use any armour and weapon. Penalties to thief skills for wearing metal armour.
Combat and saves as Thief
Thief Skills
Move Silently

Hide in Shadows
Climb Walls
Assassin Skills
Unique Skills
Pole Vault
Level based abilities
1st Level - Hold Breath
5th Level - Walk on Water
12th Level - Walk through Walls


  1. Are you still going to keep the 'must multi-class' thing, or will players be able to choose to only be a ninja?

  2. I was going to ask that very question myself. I've been considering making the ninja single-class for my OA/Masks of Nyarlethotep game. If I do make them single class, I was thinking about giving them them d6 hit points and using the traditional assassination .and siguise skills from the Assassin class rather than the over-powered OA version of assassination.

    I'm very much looking forward to seeing the compilation.

  3. I had envisaged them as single class, but Labyrinth Lord is a bit more flexible in general than 1e is/was with regard to multi-classing. On reflection of their extremely high xp reqs for each level, I may bump their hd to d6 and add open locks and find/remove traps back.

  4. I'd keep them as single class rather than specifically multi-class, and I agree r.e. keeping the Assassin class assassinate ability rather than the OA one; they *disguise* themselves as other character types if they need to appear as something other than what they are.