Friday, September 16, 2011

Wu Who?

For a lark, I asked Rev Rosey (of Drama, Dice and Damsons) to roll up (3d6 in order, of course) a PC for Lords of the South by way of a playtest of qualifying for the races and classes. I hadn't really noticed before that entrance to nearly every class is like trying to be a paladin. The result was that the only thing she was really qualified to be was a human wu jen, as her PC's Str score is... 7.

So, looking over my copy of OA 1E, we can see that a wu jen has a magic-user's spell progression, a faster experience rate (until hitting Level 11), a larger weapon selection, 1d4+1 hp per level, and the following powers: +1 to hit with 1 weapon, +3 to init once per day, enhanced effects of elemental spells (if the wu jen knows all the spells of an element), meditation (doesn't need to sleep, doesn't take surprise penalties for being asleep), and at 4th Level, they can (once per day again) make a spell 3 levels below their level take maximum effect. Even if I gave the wu jen an increased xp cost per level, that's still a heck of a lot. Why play a magic-user? Apart from the magic-user just needs Int 9 and the wu jen Int 13.

Yeah... Here's my quandary: My goal is to make the old OA classes a seamless fit into LL. They all need their powers trimmed if that's to happen. Otherwise, I keep all the powers, and it becomes its own thing, a separate game if you will; one that uses the LL rules, but is not easily mixed with LL. The other option is to use the classes as inspiration, and just use the basic ideas behind them. Then it becomes less of a conversion, and more of a re-imagining.

Rambling now. Keep your blade sharp!

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