Sunday, September 11, 2011

Korobokuru - Lords of the South

So, here it is, the first draft of one of the races for this Labyrinth Lord conversion of 1E Oriental Adventures. Some of the physical description is adapted from the 3E OA book. I've extrapolated the save vs breath attacks bonus from the gnome and dwarf in AEC. I'm undecided whether or not to change the 66% chance to identify natural thingies to a 1-4 on d6 to fit in with the other races special abilities.

For an alternative take on this lively race of oriental dwarves, please see:


Requirements: CON 9
Ability Modifiers: STR +1, CON +1, INT -2
Ability Min/Max: STR 8/19 (18), DEX 6/18, CON 12/19, INT 3/15, WIS 3/17, CHA 3/16

Korobokuru are most often compared to dwarves thanks to their short height and pugnacious attitude. They are about 4 feet tall, but their limbs are slightly longer in proportion to their bodies than a human's would be. On average, they weigh about 130 pounds. Most are bow-legged, with thick hair of a blond or light brown colour. The men have short, sparse beards. Their large bright eyes are usually blue, green, or brown. Due to their height, korobokuru cannot use two-handed weapons, longbows or greatbows. They can use any other weapons or armour allowed by their class.

Korobokuru can see in the dark with infravision up to 60 feet. They have a 66% chance to identify natural plants and animals. A tough race of wilderness dwellers, korobokuru have a reputation for being primitive, boastful and rude. They speak their tribal tongue, the trade language, spirit-folk, and hengeyokai. They never learn alignment languages.

Korobokuru receive the following saving throw bonuses:

+2 save vs breath attacks
+3 save versus poison
+3 save versus wands
+3 save versus spells or spell-like devices

Korobokuru are hardy beings, resistant to magic and poison, and as such they receive bonuses to defend against these effects. In addition, their small size grants them a bonus to finding cover and avoiding breath attacks.

Korobokuru may select from the following classes, with the indicated level limits.


Class Level.....Limit

Wu Jen...........7

Please let me know what you think!


  1. Personally, I'd go for consistency across the board re 66% v 1d4. Otherwise you'll end up with players and DMs unable to remember which it's supposed to be and using one or the other for everything. Make the choice for them :D

  2. Urk. 66% v 1-4 on d6. That's what I meant to type.