Friday, September 02, 2011

Oriental Adventures for Labyrinth Lord

I have been reading a lot of my supplements for previous editions of D&D, and my collection of Asian setting RPG supplements. Provisionally titled as a project "Lords of the South", I'm wondering where I'll ultimately go with this. My initial goal is to re-present the classes and races in a streamlined manner in order to use old supplements like "Kara-Tur" and "The Horde" in Labyrinth Lord. So, an NPC, such as Chan-li "spirit folk bushi 12" can be used directly without having to be translated into some other race or class..

At the moment, I'm toying with converting over the weapons and armour to the much more straightforward LL presentation. This will then carry over into the classes and their weapons/armour restrictions.

The races seem fairly straightforward, though there will be several judgement calls e.g. Hengeyokai - one set of stat adjustments or different ones for each animal type (as per the original book).

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