Thursday, April 04, 2013

D is for Dark Eldar

Although I've been interested in the WH40K universe for the last 20 years or so, I've never collected an army for the game before (I collected a couple of gangs for the spin-off game Necromunda. Ah-ha, a post for N!). So, upon my rejoining the 40K fold, I had to decide on an army to collect. Now, if I was sensible, I would have chosen either Chaos Space Marines or Dark Angels Marines (the two armies that come in the game's boxed set). That way, I'd be able to stick to one force, with one book (each army has an associated book with rules and background, honestly, this game is like a drug habit).

But no, I was seduced by the Dark Eldar. Here's why:

Lean, predatory, elfy, it's all good. The models are ah-bloody-mazing. Currently I have this set-up (I know it won't make much sense if you don't know the game):

+++ Dark Eldar 500 (497pts) +++
+++ 500pt Dark Eldar 6th Ed (2010) Roster (Primary Detachment)) +++


Dark Eldar 6th Ed (2010) (Primary Detachment) Selections:

+ HQ + (105pts)

    * Archon (105pts)
        (Fleet, Independent Character, Night Vision, Power from Pain)
        Huskblade (35pts), Kabalite Armor, Plasma Grenades, Soul-trap (10pts), Splinter Pistol

+ Elites + (126pts)

    * Incubi (126pts)
        (Fleet, Night Vision, Power from Pain)
        Incubus Warsuit
        * 3x Incubi (66pts)
            3x Klaive
        * Venom (60pts)
            Envenomed Blades (5pts), Flickerfield, Twin Linked Splinter Rifles

+ Troops + (266pts)

    * Kabalite Warriors (125pts)
        (Fleet, Night Vision, Power from Pain)
        * 7x Kabalite Warrior (63pts)
            7x Splinter Rifle
        * Kabalite Warrior with assault weapon (24pts)
            Blaster (15pts)
        * Kabalite Warrior with heavy weapon (19pts)
            Splinter Cannon (10pts)
        * Sybarite (19pts)
            Splinter Rifle

    * Wyches (141pts)
        (Dodge, Fleet, Night Vision, Power from Pain)
        * Hekatrix (57pts)
            Agoniser (20pts), Blast Pistol (15pts), Haywire grenades (2pts), Plasma Grenades
        * 7x Wyches (84pts)
            7x Haywire grenades (14pts), 7x Plasma Grenades, 7x Splinter Pistol and Close Combat Weapon

Created with BattleScribe (

Basically, I have a general (the Archon) with 3 hired bodyguards armed with two-handed swords (Incubi) riding around in a flying chariot (Venom). On foot, I have 10 ranged warriors (Kabalites) mostly armed with rifles but with a couple of special weapons. The Wyches are gladiator-types armed with special grenades to use against vehicles.


  1. I have two boys, each decided they wanted to collect a different Army. One uses Chaos Marines, One is Orks and I have a vast collection of semi to unpainted Space Marines...thing is...I'm broke.



  2. Broke is a common status effect from 40K ...

    I picked up some Dark Eldar (and dug my old 3rd Edition set out) for my wife as she wanted to paint something interesting. Not a lot of progress yet but her force looks similar to yours on paper. Post it up as you work on them.