Monday, April 01, 2013

A is for Archon

Of all the alien races that beset mankind in the 41st millenium, the Dark Eldar are perhaps the most cruel, or at least the most overtly so. Lithe elfin humanoids with pale skin and dark eyes, they lair within a conglomeration of cities on another plane of reality, using their almost magical technology to breach into realspace and raid for slaves, technology and their own enjoyment. The last reason is what sustains these decadent wretches, for they literally feed off the pain and fear of other beings, using it to stave off what they refer to as "soul-death", the continuous draining of their very souls by a god of Chaos that they themselves unleashed on the galaxy 10,000 years ago.

Foremost among the Dark Eldar are the Archons, powerful war-leaders amongst their kind. Leaders of the warrior sects known as Kabals, each Archon is a cunning and deadly combatant in his or her own right. They can be thought of as a cross between biker gang leaders, mafia bosses and fey monarchs. Most are either insane or paranoid; both are almost necessary qualities for these vile fiends.

I'm currently painting this miniature, and it is a fun figure, but it's been cast in the Finecast resin that Games Workshop now uses. I is Disappoint, kid. That's for another post.

In game terms, the Archon is an Independent Character (he can act on his own or join any unit) and can act as your army's Warlord (he gets a special trait that can aid your army in battle). You can outfit this evil nutbar with a variety of horrid close combat weaponry including a glowing pyramid that sucks out your opponent's soul, a sword that kills your opponent instantly if it hits, and other such lovelies. You can pop him in a troop-carrying vehicle to get him where he needs to be, and have him surrounded by weirdo flunkies such as ghoulish aliens, 4 armed snake guys, and a courtesan armed with enough poison for everyone.

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  1. Stopping by for the A to Z. Well, that miniature Archon sure sounds nasty if he likes to torture kittens and puppies and oh yeah, anyone else he runs into in realspace!

    I haven't played D&D since... mumblety mumble mumble heck I remember when *Advanced* D&D came out as an improvement. Not familiar with WH41K but you described it well so far.