Saturday, January 14, 2012

[Labyrinth Lord] Orgulus the Persuasive

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Labyrinth Lord rocks. You know the procedure: 3d6 in order (although I hadn't noticed that both LL and AEC say that the GM can ask you to roll the scores in any order you like). So, going to Invisible Castle yielded a series of 8s and 9s - that's not very interesting for the purposes of this, so I rolled again and got a much more characterful set of stats. Low Wisdom (again) - are the dice lords telling me something? Highest score Charisma? Oo, let's make him a real sleazebag, but upper crust with it... Not bad Int - let's go Magic-User!

Spells? Again, I hadn't seen before that in LL, M-Us choose 2 1st Level spells, and 1 2nd Level spell for their books. It's always weird to find little snippets like these. Allure is right up this cat's alley - an additional 2d4 Charisma? Whizzo! Sleep - it has to be. Invisibility - er, cos, really.

Money... er... can't find it in LL, as to how much I start off with, but it's in AEC weirdly. 3d8x10gp... 90gp - hmph. Not brilliant, but then again, what do M-Us need to buy? OK, let's see. He's gotta dress fancy, as an ex-girlfriend of mine would say. I'll keep some dosh to bribe people with and hire test subjects, er... retainers.

Orgulus (left) and an unfortunate hireling

Orgulus the Persuasive
Human Magic-User (Level 1)

Str 10 0
Dex 13 -1 AC, +1 Missile Attack
Con 14 +1HP/HD
Int 13 +1 language
Wis 07 -1 saves vs magic
Cha 15 -1 reac adj, 5 retainers, retainer moral 8

HD: 1d4+1
HP: 2

1st Level spells


2nd Level spells



65gp 3sp

Silk robe
Fur cloak
Scroll case
Quill pen
Ink vial

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