Sunday, January 08, 2012

[Blood and Treasure] Astra, Elf Duelist

Coincidentally, after posting that I would be trying to create a PC/NPC for every game system I own, Matt of LAND OF NOD (one of the most inspirational gaming resources I've ever read) is playtesting a new system (based on the SRD).

Blood and Treasure combine elements of the 3.5 SRD with old school sensibilities and Matt's previous work Pars Fortuna (breathtaking imagination at work in that game), and I'm lucky enough to be in the player group on G+.

The Duelist sounded like a fun class, and it would be interesting to see if it could hold its own against the other 'warrior' classes. Matt sent us out randomly generated stats that we could assign as we wished. I chose Elf to get a stat boost to Dex, and just because no-one else seemed to be going for that race. All my swashbuckling characters tend to have low Wisdom (or the equivalent stat) so it seems only right that she does as well. I've gone for the standard elfy pick of longsword, but when I saw that pistols and shot were available to purchase, I knew Astra had to have one.

ASTRA, Female Elf Duelist (Level 1)

HP: 6
HD: 1d8+1
Init: +3
AC: 16
Alignment: Neutral
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 125lbs
Age: 124

Languages: Elven, Common

Str 14 +1
Dex 16 +2
Con 13 +1
Int 15 +1
Wis 7  -1
Cha 10 0

Elves: +1 to starting Dex, -1 to starting Con (max 18, min 3),
base speed 30 ft., see twice as far as human in low light
conditions, knack for finding secret doors, immune to magic
sleep, +2 save vs. charms and compulsions. Speak elven, might
also learn common, gnoll, gnome, goblin, orc, the language of
fey creatures such as nymphs, pixies or satyrs and the language
of dragons. Elves can multi-class as fighter/magic-user,
cleric/magic-user and magic-user/thief.

Duelist: Requirements: Dex and Int 13+
Hit Dice: d8
Armor: Leather armor.
Shield: Buckler.

Weapons: Any.

Skills: Balancing and jumping.

Special: Specialized weapon (double damage, must be a sword
or monk weapon), add Int bonus to AC, +4 bonus to AC when
fights defensively, +2 initiative, riposte (6th; after missed in
combat, triple damage with specialized weapon, double with
others), establish stronghold or school (9th), save to avoid
lethal blows (12th).

17 gp 9sp 8cp to spend

Leather - 10
Longsword - 15
Buckler - 10
Pistol - 40
Shot - 1
Backpack - 2
Sunrod - 2
2 days trail rations

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