Monday, October 24, 2011

"Oriental Adventures" for Labyrinth Lord

Just a status update to let interested parties know where I am with this project. I've scribbled down my notes for the sohei and kensei, and have had some more thoughts on things to alter or add to a potential Labyrinth Lord supplement, to whit:

Removing fox and racoon-dog from the hengeyokai and having them as either race-as-class under their correct designations of kitsune and tanuki, or shunting them to being monsters.

Finishing off the class conversions - except yakuza, as noted before. Maybe write up some outlines of how characters can fit into a yakuza or ninja clan.

Type up shugenja and sohei spell lists.

Convert spells not in AEC. My hope is that I can find them or equivalents in OSRIC or another clone.

Creating a setting outline... The urge to hexmap is strong in this one...

Putting weapons and armour notes into legible format.

House rule suggestions - rules "fixes" and genre emulation.

So, not much then!

What would be great is if any of you helpful readers had name suggestions for such a supplement. If so, please comment, thank you!


  1. Man, names are the toughest! I got nothing! :)

    I do think this is a fantastic idea and will follow closely. If I think of a name, I'll throw it out there.

  2. Cool. Waiting for this one!

    I know how you feel about the spells, though. For Flying Swordsmen, there are a lot of spells from OA, plus plenty of original spells in Dragon Fist. I'm still thinking I should change a few more names just to be safe.

    I could send you my spell section, though, if you'd like. Email me at the_boy_from_illinois [at] yahoo [dot] com I'll be releasing it OGL whenever I get FSRPG completed.

  3. Nice one. Will do so! Thanks. :)

  4. I'd go for:

    * Kitsune and Tanuki as Monsters.
    * Definitely note how characters can fit into Yakuza and Ninja clans.
    * For weapons/armour go for equivalencies as much as possible (OA suffered terribly from Katana fetishization).

    As for another possibility, waayyy back, I created the rules and writeups for about 40 Chinese weapons for the Arms & Armor supplement by Bastion Press. It's a d20 D&D supplement, but the whole thing is OGL expect for pics and layout. If you want to add more China to the Oriental mix, let me know and I'll pop the text your way. it'd be easy to cut down the d20 material to fit LL (such as removing Crit Ranges).


  5. I'm gonna edit a few more spell names today. After the current dust-up about the OSRIC Players Guide getting a cease & desist order, I'm not wanting to take any chances with any spells that aren't in the SRD.

    When I get that done, I'll copy and paste the spells into a new document for you. Just let me know your email.

  6. @Colin - . thanks for the input, and email sent

    @Gwydion - email also sent

    Still stuck for a name...

  7. Teacups and Tsunami? - I jest.

    Something is niggling to do with screens, but hasn't fermented yet.

  8. A name, eh?

    Asian Adventures
    Samurai & Shinobi
    Bushi & Bakemono