Monday, October 03, 2011

Lucky items

I don't have any particular talismans I regard as lucky, nor do I carry out any rituals to ward off ill-fortune. That makes me quite pragmatic I suppose; I get flustered if I have to rush getting dressed, but that's only because I then forget to do up my flies or my tie is then hanging loose.

Not so lucky for the rabbit.
On the subject of lucky talismans (see what I did there?), I did consider putting in some rules into my latest homebrew of Oriental Adventures-ness for crafting one-use talismans. For those of you tuning in from nablowrimo land, I apologise if that sounds like complete gibberish.

Such items are common enough in other RPGs (e.g. RuneQuest) but you have to delve into various supplements to find rules for things like this.

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