Tuesday, April 16, 2013

M is for Marines

Back in the day... in the late 80s, an unimaginable time of high technology and booming finance heading towards a financial crash... oh no, wait.

Anyway, in the 1st edition of 40K, humanity's defenders, the space marines, were described as brainwashed super-soldiers chosen from the galaxy's finest psychopaths and murderers. They were recruited from the ranks of feral savages from primitive planets and gang members from industrial worlds.

So '80s.
Yep, way back when, Space Marines frisked punks spraying graffiti.

Nowadays... um...

Can you feel the Renaissance imagery?
Yeah, they're heroic angel-winged giants. I can't see these guys fining some dude for spraying "Space Marines go home". Draw your own conclusions as to why the emphasis has changed.

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