Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Serried Ranks

I have completely reorganised my miniature painting set-up, to physically and mentally de-clutter. Previously the paints were sorted into inks; metallics; everything else in two other boxes. Now everything is in 3 boxes, sorted by manufacturer. All tools (previously in 2 drawers) are now in 1, along with all glues, basing materials etc. Instead of being mixed in together, unpainted minis and loose bits have been separated, so "complete" minis live in one box and I now have a dedicated "bitz box". All the painted minis now live in 1 box, and their semi-painted brethren are now lined up on a shelf as a visual indicator of my progress.

In a fit of determination, my goal is to join the 52 Miniatures in 52 Weeks blog, and set that as a target. Yes, well...

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