Friday, May 18, 2012

Lazy Post of Artistic Stuff that is D&D for me


  1. Damn you, Wellings. Now I have to go and re-read Lankhmar. Have to.

  2. That Brom piece is fantastic. Do you know if it is supposed to be Raistlin, or is the resemblance just coincidental?

  3. @Brendan It's actually Drizzt. So, yeah...

  4. @biopunk

    No, I mean picture number 4. I know the first one is Drizzt (and by Elmore, I think).

  5. @Brendan Apologies. #1 is an Elmore. #4 looks like it might be Elric?

  6. 1: Wulfgar, Drizzt (best depiction of him bar the ones by Sam Wood and Brom), and Bruenor by Elmore

    2: Seltyiel (one of the Paizo iconics) by Wayne Reynolds

    3: Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser by Clyde Caldwell

    4: Elric by Brom

    5: Dramojh attack by... er... too lazy to look up

    6: Um... a lady with some goblins by Russ Nicholson

    Gosh, I might have to do more lazy posts at this rate! :D