Tuesday, February 07, 2012

[Barbarians of Lemuria] Vandis the Huntsman

Do you want an rpg that just sweats swords and sorcery from its very pores?

Do you want an rpg wherein you actually feel like the main character in one of those tales?

Barbarians of Lemuria, baby. Every time.

What riches shall we uncover? First Attributes, four of 'em. I get 4 points to distribute between them. I'll go for the barbaric warrior methinks but with a dash of quickness and smarts a la REH Conan. He comes from the northern climes of Valgard and is a warrior who is best at the offensive rather defensive tactics. As a Valgardian he gets to pick from a list of traits.

Vandis the Huntsman

Origin: Valgard

Attributes: Strength 2; Agility 1; Mind 1; Appeal 0
Combat: Brawl 1; Melee 2; Ranged 1; Defense 0
Careers: Barbarian 2; Blacksmith 0; Hunter 1; Thief 1
Lifeblood 12; Hero Points 3; Armour 2
Traits: Valgardian Blade, Snow Tracker
Flaws: Illiterate
Equipment: Valgardian Long sword (Damage D6+2, use an extra die), Dagger (Damage D3), Hand Axe (Damage D6), Boots (1 Armour), Greaves (1 Armour) 
 Languages – Spoken: Lemurian and Valgardish
Languages – Written: N/A (Illiterate)


  1. This game has always seemed interesting to me, but I've never got around to actually diving into it.

  2. That's a very nice character portrait. Who is the artist?

    1. Here you go: http://severeene.deviantart.com/

    2. Thank you, sir - too kind :)